If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I am psychotically religious about my skincare routine and procedures. I was introduced to laser facials a while ago through Sandra Oulmas and she literally changed my skin. Laser facials were the gateway for high-end skincare treatments for me, which I’ll dive into in more detail in another post, because today I want to focus on PreNatal Skincare Treatments. Honestly, had I known I was going to get pregnant so fast time this around (and if it took you a while to get preg, rest assured it didn’t happen so fast on baby #1), I would have stocked up on botox, fillers and laser treatments beforehand, because I had to quit them cold turkey once I got pregnant. My go-to prenatal skincare procedure is now MicroNeedling, which I have done at The West Institute.

The first time that I visited The West Institute was for a medical facial and dermaplaning with the highly sought after medical aesthetician Chelsea Heidenberger after so many friend recommended her. Now I’m going to be honest, from a budget perspective, I always felt laser treatments were a better use of my money than a facial. I just didn’t think I needed to pay someone to do a deep clean of my face, when I can do that myself at home. But what Chelsea does is beyond any home treatment. She uses medical-grade ingredients, extractions, a professional grade steam, LED light therapy, AND the grand finale, dermaplaning. If you don’t know about dermaplaning, let me tell you, it’s a game changer. Dermaplaning is a medical-grade level of exfoliation using a surgical blade, for skin rejuvenation, removing dead skin cells and baby hairs all over the face. Your makeup goes on smoother and your face products will penetrate deeper. I literally leave The West Institute with what I call the Chelsea Glow. Medical Facials and dermaplaning are totally safe for prenatal clients, but obviously chat with your facialist beforehand so she can be sure to only use prenatal-safe products.

Chelsea introduced me to the brains behind The West Institute, Dr Tina West, and she quickly became my go-to for botox, fillers and other exciting treatments. She is so incredibly talented and she keeps it very real. She’ll tell you what’s worth your money and what’s not. And from a Working Mom, Lady Boss perspective, she is GOALS. When I found out that I was pregnant with baby #2, Dr West recommended Microneedling as the best procedure to keep up my skin game. While you do have to forego numbing cream for this treatment, it was bearable and the results were incredible! But I’m jumping ahead, so let’s get super F-ing specific.


Dr West uses the Eclipse MicroPen to create “micro” injuries to the skin’s surface level, to help increase the production of collagen and elastin, which your body slows down on producing as you get older (womp womp, I know). This micropen treats fine lines, acne scars and improves the skins overall appearance.


microneedling treatment

Provided by Dr West with The West Institute


You don’t need to do anything ahead of time. During the treatment, I was given a stressball to squeeze (and squeeze I did because honestly, with no numbing cream, the pain level is up there, but bearable - the worst part was the forehead because the skin is thinner, but it was a great chance to practice my lamaze breathing) and cold air was applied throughout to help reduce the pain. Dr West uses the micropen all over your face, rubbing the blood that surfaces into your skin for a quasi-Vampire facial. After the treatment I was advised not to apply anything to the skin for at least 6 hours (so take note if you’re returning to an office or just public in general and you’re not cool looking a bit red faced). I also recommend avoiding the sun as much as possible, as is key post-any skin procedure.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 11.29.44 AM.png



The next day I looked and felt a little sunburned (see below), but definitely not Samantha-Jones-Post-Chemical-Peel-Beekeeper red. After 24-48 hours you can apply makeup and products. After about 3-4 days, my skin had that glowy, rejuvenated, plump-iness that you get from a Clear + Brilliant laser facial (which you must try if you haven’t, pregnant or not - I usually like to get these quarterly). You can get Microneedling treatments every 4-6 weeks. But for me and my budget, I’m aiming for once a trimester. After all, a girl’s gotta treat herself during all this pregnancy madness!


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