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While I’m sure it looked like I had it so easy dropping baby weight fast, it all happened because I put in the time WAY before I even got pregnant. Read on for my Fit Pregnancy Tips.

I’m going to preface this post with a disclaimer and reminder that I’m a Fitness Professional. I spend more time exercising and just on my feet in general than the average person. So please keep that in mind. 

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get down to business!  I’m sharing my top Fit Pregnancy Tips that helped provide me with a healthy pregnancy, delivery and recovery postpartum.  Honestly, I know there were some postpartum mamas out there looking at my post-pregnancy photos on Instagram and cursing my existence.  It’s annoying to see someone who seemingly has things in life happen so easily. I didn't have a rich boyfriend or parents to buy me my boob job or help me get out of debt.  I watched things like that happen around me, but it never happened FOR ME.  Would I have liked someone to buy me boobs and pay off my debt?  Hell yes!  But, I worked hard and saved my money and accomplished my goals of getting out of debt (age 29) and buying my own boobs (age 30) all on my own.  And as cliché as it sounds, it meant THAT much more. So I’m just saying, the good stuff never comes easy and while I’m sure it looked like I had it so easy dropping baby weight fast, it all happened because I put in the time WAY before I even got pregnant, which is why my last post on My Food and Drink Rules was important for me to share before jumping into my Fit Pregnancy journey. 

If you haven't read my Before & After, 411 on Counting Macros, or my Food and Drink Rules, please go there first.  Because all of that laid the ground work for me to go into my pregnancy in a really healthy place, mentally and physically.

Now, I don't think your pregnanyc is a time to take on a crazy new diet or workout.  But I do think it’s a good idea to go into your pregnancy healthy and strong.  I don't think you should have the attitude like, “Why get fit now when I’m just going to get fat while I’m pregnant.”  That’s the equivalent to having the “I might as well finish this pint of Ben & Jerry’s all tonight just to get it out of the house.”  You can go that route, but it’s going to make your journey to being healthy and fit that much more difficult.  And getting pregnant isn’t getting fat, as I think we all know.  Starting to work on being healthy and fit prior to getting pregnant will set you up for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and post-partum journey. 

Ok, so without further ado, below are my Fit Pregnancy tips that helped me.  I don't think anything below is ground breaking, and much of it I’m sure you know, but some times being reminded of things we already know helps reinforce what we know we need to do.

Food Budget. Yep, the B word. I hate budgets too, but generally speaking, they have a reputation for being helpful. Before I opened my studio and started counting macros, I embraced a food budget and that has helped me keep on track without deprivation for nearly a decade. I do NOT think that it’s a good idea to start a new diet or anything extreme like Counting Macros or Intermittent Fasting once you get pregnant. Your pregnancy isn’t the time to diet or try a new diet. But I personally stuck to my Food + Drink Rules through out my pregnancies, which I shared here, and that kept me on track. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t a complete saint on the diet front. But I kept snacks mostly healthy and splurged on the weekend, and even then they were portion controlled. I don’t want to sound like a regimented robot when it comes to diet. I don’t measure out my food (any more, anyway). But I do eyeball portions and try to stay within the sizes I know are best for me.   Do I overdo it some times?  Of course, but not regularly.

Join a Meal Delivery. I also found it helpful to use a meal delivery program to help keep portion size in check and to ensure I was getting nutrient dense meals. We kept up with a meal delivery once the baby came just to take one thing off my plate post-baby. So a meal delivery helped us in more than one way. We did Territory Foods during my pregnancy with Scarlett and Freshly now with Smith.

Set Workout Goals. I worked out regularly while pregnant with Scarlett, my first child, but I had a lot of moments where I felt purely exhausted and unmotivated. With my second pregnancy, I knew I wanted to bounce back fast so I could stay connected to my business and be there for my family at 100% capacity - if that’s possible. So I set a goal to work out four days a week during my second pregnancy. One of the things I love about boutique fitness studios is booking a class and reserving your spot commits you that much more than just putting a workout on your personal calendar. It helps keep me committed.

There were days were I felt unmotivated to exercise during my second pregnancy or felt out of time, juggling a family and business. This is why I love having a Peloton bike and dedicated workout space at home. Even when I don’t feel like it, I hop on the bike for a 20 minute HIIT ride then get on the floor and do abs or lower body for 10 minutes or so. I was never a cycling lover before, but I LOVE my Peloton. The instructors are great and I get a good sweat in after just 20 minutes. It’s just so easy and convenient and effective. 

Find a Support Group or Person.  My husband has always been supportive of me on so many levels.  Fitness is one of them.  He encouraged me when I felt unmotivated and supported me by watching my daughter when I really needed to get a workout in. And when I say “need,” it’s truly for the mental aspect for me. 

Connect with Other Fit Moms for Inspiration and Support.  I’m lucky to own a small business where my client base is predominantly women.  I say lucky because many of the women at my business, clients and team members, have become my mom group.  I’ve also really enjoyed connecting with other moms on Instagram.  I liked following other fitness professional pregnant women during my pregnancy for inspiration.

Comparing Pregnancy 1 to 2. The photos of me leaving the hospital after my 1st child compared to my 2nd are vastly different in terms of how I look. But I honestly didn’t do that much differently between the two pregnancies. I kept to the same eating habits. The only thing I can think of is that with Scarlett I craved chocolate and would eat Nutella by the spoonful nearly every night. With Smith my snack of choice was dry cereal. So presumably I got less extra calories and fat in when I snacked.  And I also motivated myself a bit more on the workout front. Those are the two factors that I can think of. I gained about the same weight both pregnancies. I think my body was in less shock during pregnancy #2 because it knew what to expect. Who knows?  I wish I could share a big secret, but I don’t have one. 

There’s no fast fix in terms of health and wellness. Finding what works for you and keeping it consistent is my best advice.   I hope my tips and what’s worked for me helps you.  And follow me on Instagram so I can support your journey!

38 Weeks Pregnant at Xtend Barre Old Town

38 Weeks Pregnant at Xtend Barre Old Town

Leaving the Hospital with Smith, our second baby.

Leaving the Hospital with Smith, our second baby.

12 Days Postpartum

12 Days Postpartum