My #1 Skin Care Must Have

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My #1 skin care must have

Laser Facials with Sandra Oulmas

I never considered myself to have great skin in my younger years.  I went on Accutane- albeit a very low dose (about 5 to 10 mgs a day) - to get rid of monthly cystic breakouts.  But even when I was on Accutane, while it truly worked wonders to clear up my skin (so I do recommend that to anyone looking to get rid of breakouts once and for all), I never had luminous glowy skin.  This is where I thought makeup came in.  I freckle easily and I’m like a notch below Lindsay Lohan- freckles-everywhere-level of freckles and sun spots, despite literally slathering myself in sunscreen.

I met Sandra Oulmas when she was working in the same office as Dr Mesbahi, who did my boob job.  I almost wrote “breast augmentation”, but like, why?  Let’s be real, right?  Sandra was always super-booked.  The waiting room was constantly filled with clients waiting to see her.  So naturally, I got curious.  I booked a consultation with her and she recommended PicoSure to help with all of my freckles and sun spots.  Her pricing may have changed since then because this was about 3 years ago, but I paid $900 for 3 sessions.  I had just had Scarlett and my skin was at peak freckley-ness and wrinkles because I had to stop retinol for 10 months and I had just turned 35.

After 3 sessions, the PicoSure lightened my freckles exponentially.  See for yourself in the Before and After photos.  When Sandra showed me these photos, I was literally blown away.  Keep in mind that the “Before” photo was taken right after I gave birth to Scarlett, so my face was a bit heavier in that photo.

After seeing these results, I became a Sandra Oulmas Believer.  If she told me to slather my skin nightly in horse poo, I would have done it.  On top of that, the woman does not nickel and dime.  She’s spent an extra 30 minutes extracting a clogged poor or zapping a random face hair, and never charged me extra.  She truly cares about all of her clients and the end result is her main goal. 

So next up, she recommended Clear & Brilliant Laser treatments.  Right after she recommended it, I read in Allure magazine that Clear & Brilliant was touted as the “Red Carpet Facial” among celebrities.  It promised renewed skin tone and texture, glowy luminous skin, and with no down time.  Um, yes please!  So I started seeing Sandra regularly for Clear & Brilliant, and I can honestly say that between her PicoSure and Clear & Brilliant laser treatments, it is hands down the laser facials that have changed my skin.  Let me repeat this, SANDRA OULMAS LASER FACIALS CHANGED MY SKIN.  Literally.

Let me step back a bit and explain a little more.  At one point I invested HUNDREDS in Obagi products.  My skin literally peeled off.  I was working at AOL at the time, and my face skin would flake onto my desk. It was disgusting and embarrassing.  And to top it off, I NEVER saw the results I got with Sandra’s lasers by using Obagi.  Like not even close.  So why spend hundreds on all these products and go through the agony of shitty skin, when you can have one to a few laser treatments and get BETTER results?

From a budget perspective, I recommend Clear & Brilliant quarterly (if your budget allows it) or at least once or twice a year.  Because I’m freckly, I do need to keep doing PicoSure, probably two to four times a year.  Here’s the thing – it’s like whitening your teeth.  It’s not a once and done situation – you have to do it as needed.

From a skincare perspective, I would stop spending money on over the counter products and even medical grade products if I had to, and splurge on laser facials. I would do laser facials over microdermabrasion, peels, oxygen facials, medical facials…you get the gist.  AND I’m saving money on makeup because I can wear less now that I have the Sandra Oulmas GLOW.

Left is right after I had my daughter Scarlett. Right is after 3 PiccoSure treatments with Sandra.

Left is right after I had my daughter Scarlett. Right is after 3 PiccoSure treatments with Sandra.