5-Ingredient Caesar Dressing

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caesar dressing

Top your shredded kale with this easy dressing for a salad full of healthy fats

Usually I’m all about short cuts in the kitchen.  That said, I do make an effort to pay attention to the ingredients that go into our foods, including salad dressings.  I used to be anti-Caesar salad because it’s so high in fat.  But I’ve learned that healthy fats have incredible health benefits. Healthy fats can help lower cholesterol levels, boost brain function and your immune system and keep you satiated longer. 

So what are healthy fats?  These include:

·      Avocados

·      Butter (preferably raw or grass-fed) and Ghee

·      Coconut Oil

·      Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

·      Omega-3s, usually found in seafood like Salmon, Sardines & Anchovies

·      Nuts and Seeds

·      Eggs

·      Grass-Fed Organic Beef

·      MCT Oil

·      Full-Fat Dairy


This Caesar dressing is great because it incorporates Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and Anchovies, a double win!  I toss the ingredients in my smoothie cup, click it into my Ninja blender, and pour it over shredded, crunchy kale.  The key in my opinion is the crunchy, leafy kale, not the soft baby kale.  We eat this once a week, topped with Soy-Very Marinated Broiled Salmon (you can just follow the salmon instructions from this recipe).  With a little shredded Parmesan and my favorite Truffle Salt, this is a delicious, healthy, fast meal. 


·      ¼ Cup Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

·      Juice from ½ Lemon

·      Contents from can of Flat Filet of Anchovies in oil

·      1-2 tbsps Brain Mustard

·      1 Garlic Clove

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