Athleisure Life



Before I owned my studio, I had two pairs of lululemon leggings that I bought on sale, and even then those were a splurge for me. But style has changed since athleisure became a thing, and honestly, thank goodness. Most days I’m running from teaching or taking class, to working, to picking up S from daycare, then home to cook, wash, rinse and repeat. I usually don’t have time to shower and get properly dressed, so wearing workout clothes that go from studio to street is essential for my lifestyle.

The key with wearing nudes is definitely to make sure the tone is different than your skin. Textured fabric also helps - these are ribbed. Even though Scarlett likes to call these my “nakey” pants, I just love this look. Also a note on the Yeezy’s- I would never have purchased these for myself, but Bryce got me a pair last Christmas and I loved them so much, that this year he treated me to a second - these to get specific. Call me a sucker, but you guys know I’m all about cost-per-wear, so these were worth it.


Boyfriend jean jacket - (similar version) Forever21

Leggings - BeachRiot

Crop Bra - Beach Riot (I layer this with a jacket and wear it as a crop top a lot!)

Sneakers - Yeezy Boosts in Cream

Hat - H&M

Sunglasses - Forever21

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